Reading people - Chris Cranston

Commentaire : Chris Cranston, née en 1946 à Santa Monica, en Californie, fut playmate du mois dans le Playboy d'avril 1971. Elle a fait deux apparitions fugitives au cinéma, qui restèrent sans suite. On reproduit ses réponses aux questions du magazine, avec notamment les trois livres cités par notre croqueuse de pommes, La Grève d'Ayn Rand (pavé de plus de 1 000 pages méconnu en France et qui serait pourtant, à ce qu'on lit ici et là, "le livre le plus important outre-Atlantique après la Bible"), Pour qui sonne le glas d'Ernest Hemingway et Le Corbeau d'Edgar Allan Poe. Sympa, Chris. 

AMBITIONS : To continue with modeling and a little acting, and I hope to get involved in insurance in some way. I'd also like to be a wife and mother. 
TURN-ONS : Love, working, babies, chocolate ice cream, hot and spicy food, drag racing.
TURNOFFS : People who are late, and insensitive in other ways as well. 
EVERYONE IN MY FAMILY : Thinks they're a comedian, including my two dogs. I'm my dad's best audience.
DID YOU KNOW ? I also appeared in the September 1968 issue of Playboy.
IN MY SPARE TIME : I love visiting the beach. I do a lot of swimming and walking. On the other end of the spectrum, I love to snow ski.
FAVORITE BOOKS : Atlas Shrugged, For Whom the Bell Tolls, The Raven.
FAVORITE MOVIES : Gone With the Wind any old W.C. Fields movies.
MY IDEAL MAN : Is older than 24, a salesman, (men who can sell anything usually have the best personalities), light-hearted and sincere and loves the water.
MY WEAK SPOTS : I'm much too sensitive and I don't always speak my mind. I hate arguments but really enjoy disagreements. I'm also much too easy with children !


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